Current projects

  • Content-based classification, search and retrieval of audio.

    Muscle Fish's CBR (content-based retrieval) technology allows you to search for audio files on the basis of how they sound. It can also be used to classify sound files or live sound inputs. A variety of demos are available on our Audio Demos page.

    The Video Cataloger product by Virage, Inc uses Muscle Fish's technology for speech/music discrimination and other audio classification tasks.

    The Muscle Fish audio retrieval technology brings powerful new capabilities to a wide array of applications, ranging from sound databases to audio editors, and even extending to audio-aware process control or monitoring systems. For more technical details and specific application ideas, see a recent article here.

  • DSP algorithms

    Our time-scaling and pitch-shifting technology lets you change a sound file's length and pitch independently. For example, you can make a sound play twice as slowly without making it sound lower. Or you can make it higher in pitch without making it play faster. The signal-processing algorithms used in this demo are available for licensing.

    We have a variety of other audio signal processing algorithms available for licensing, including reverberation, flanging, peak limiting and various filters.

  • Music Products

    Muscle Fish has developed a truly interactive music entertainment product for Windows 95 and Windows 98 with Mixman Technologies, Inc. Download a demo version at the Mixman site.

    For Macintosh music enthusiasts, Opcode's Studio Vision® includes many features using DSP technology by Muscle Fish, including Audio-to-MIDI® and MIDI-to-Audio® conversion, vocoding, formant shifting, and many others.