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From San Francisco

(ETA = 45 min. from SFO, 30 min. from inside SF.)

* 101 North into SF, 80E across Bay Bridge, follow signs for 80E, to Berkeley

* EXIT on Ashby (stay left)

* LEFT on 7th (first stoplight, get in left turn lane after underpass)

* RIGHT on Parker (second light)

* LEFT on 9th

* Enter 2560 (near corner of 9th/Parker); from lobby, take elevator to 2M (mezzanine) floor. Go down the hall to Suite #207B.

From Oakland or San José

(ETA = 1.25 hours from SJ, 30 min. from Oakland Airport.)

* 880N to 80N (Berkeley/Sac)

* EXIT on Ashby (stay left), then follow the "From SF" directions above, from "LEFT on 7th ..."

From the North

(ETA = 1.5 hours from Sac, 30 min. from San Rafael.)

* From Sacramento, take 80W. From San Rafael, take 580E across Richmond Bridge, to 80W

* EXIT on Ashby (cross over freeway), then follow the "From SF" directions above, from "LEFT on 7th ..."


On-street parking is available but hard to find. In a pinch, use the Parker Plaza lot, just a block away from us at the corner of 8th Street and Dwight (one street north of Parker).

Telephone: (510) 486-0141