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Chicago, IL. (July 10, 1996) -- Muscle Fish today announced their plans to incorporate their revolutionary "SoundFisher"(tm) technology into an Informix DataBlade(tm) module. SoundFisher offers an unprecedented capability: content-based retrieval of digital audio. The SoundFisher DataBlade module will allow database users to search for audio clips that "sound like" one another. The new DataBlade module will support user-defined categories of sound as well as all standard sound file formats on today's computer platforms.

"Adding the SoundFisher DataBlade module is like attaching a pair of ears to your database," said David Cope, general manager, DataBlade Business Development Unit. "In effect, Muscle Fish's new DataBlade module will enable database client applications to 'listen' to audio information and automatically make intelligent decisions based partially or entirely on that data. This is a real breakthrough in native database support for digital audio information."

"Informix is the first of the 'big three' DBMS vendors to focus seriously on server-side extensibility," said Thom Blum, co-founder, Muscle Fish. "And the vehicle for extensibility is DataBlade modules, which extend the database's core functionality and 'smarts.' A whole new breed of database client applications is made possible with each new DataBlade module developed -- from multimedia and Web-enabled applications to traditional client application areas, such as financial, medical, scientific data analysis, and corporate document management. Informix is clearly serving up the most exciting database technology since the notion of rows and columns was conceived." As a member of the DataBlade Developers Program, Muscle Fish is demonstrating its technology in the Partner Pavilion at the Informix Worldwide User Conference IN CHICAGO this week.

Muscle Fish, established in 1992 with headquarters in Berkeley, CA., is a software engineering firm specializing in all aspects of audio and music software development. Muscle Fish products include proprietary, high-quality, creative algorithms for digital audio signal processing and analysis. The SoundFisher family of products addresses the burgeoning field of digital audio search technologies.


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