If you produce software, you can license the software technology listed below for use in your applications. Why reinvent the wheel when you can purchase proven, high-quality sound-processing algorithms from the experts?
  • Audio content-based retrieval (CBR) allows sound files to be analyzed for a specific set of psychoacoustic features that are useful in comparing sounds. You can analyze sound files, cluster them according to categories, and search for sounds that are similar or dissimilar to other sounds. Check out the demos to see this technology in action, or read about the details in an 1996 IEEE Multimedia paper here or a more recent article here.
  • Our time-scaling and pitch-shifting algorithms let you modify an audio file's duration and pitch independently of each other. We have time-domain (fast) and frequency-domain (highest-quality) versions that use our proprietary digital resampling algorithm. Applications include digital music processing, voice-mail processing, and multimedia conversions. Go to the demo to hear examples of our time-scaling and pitch-shifting.
  • We have a variety of other algorithms available in areas such as audio signal processing (reverb, delay, filters, etc.), real-time signal recognition (for example, to detect commercials and songs in radio broadcasts), and MIDI processing.

Technology licenses are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. We are open to alternative financing arrangements for these licenses, including royalties, profit-sharing, and trade for services.