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Muscle Fish LLC acquired by Audible Magic Corporation

October 17, 2000: Audible Magic Corporation, based in Los Gatos, California, acquired Muscle Fish for an undisclosed amount. Muscle Fish and Audible Magic are combining their technologies to create a family of products for audio and music content management. Click here for more information about Audible Magic, and read the press release for more information about the acquisition.

Audible Magic and Muscle Fish announce first birth

Audible Magic Corporation released a beta version of Clango, the first in a new family of products utilizing Muscle Fish's enabling technologies. Click here to learn all about it, and to download a free copy of the application.

SoundFisher 1.0 available May 9, 2001

SoundFisher® Release 1.0 has been released and is available for download and purchase. Check it out!!!
SoundFisher.... What it sounds like!

Muscle Fish is granted basic patent for audio content-based retrieval invention

U.S. patent number 5,918,223 was issued to Muscle Fish for its Method and Article of Manufacture for Content-Based Analysis, Storage, Retrieval and Segmentation of Audio Information. You may see the patent here.

Trio Systems employs Muscle Fish DSP algorithms

Trio Systems LLC has released two new products that incorporate Muscle Fish audio DSP algorithms to preprocess audio recordings, specifically to improve their quality when encoded into RealNetworks's G2 format. Trio Systems licensed and integrated Muscle Fish's AudioObject and AudioDSP SDKs for SoniClear, a standalone application for Windows and Panagram, a Web-based application. Panagram won Internet World's Best of Show Spring 2000 award.

Virage uses Muscle Fish technology and services for AudioLogger

Virage's AudioLogger is a companion product to its popular VideoLogger video indexing application. Muscle Fish has licensed its audio content-based retrieval (CBR) API to Virage for these products. The C function library is being used for audio analysis, classification, and search. Muscle Fish is also providing consulting services for these projects. See Virage here.

Mixman relies on Muscle Fish consulting services

Muscle Fish continues to assist in the development of the Mixman product line -- truly interactive music entertainment products for Windows and Macintosh. Go to Mixman for all the latest info.

Application developers license Muscle Fish libraries

New licensees of the Muscle Fish audio CBR (content-based retrieval) C library include Virage, BBC, and Kodak. Click here for more information about some of the developers that are using Muscle Fish digital audio search technologies.